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Organic Vegetables
About Cascade Alchemy Bowls
in Redmond, Oregon

Cascade Alchemy Bowls is committed to healthy, local, and delicious meals in a bowl. Alchemy means change. When we eat the right foods for our individual bodies we align to our best selves. Our goal is to give access to a gluten-free and mostly low fodmap diet to help align your dietary needs, possibly changing your cellular space in the meantime. 


Curtis and Jaimie met in 2021 and brought our food experiences together to create one-of-a-kind recipes. Dishes that not only taste good, they are also gentle on some gut sensitivities. Through a cleaner diet and eliminating trigger foods (gluten, soy, high fodmap foods, and canola) we created magical alchemy; more energy in the day and fewer IBS symptoms in the body.

Alchemy Means Change. 
May you experience your own personal alchemy with your food choices. 

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